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Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle

Rouget de Lisle was a poet, violinist and vocalist. This produced him a significant popular physique but he was a dynamic monarchist which brought him imprisonment and disfavor especially through the empire and the time of the repair. While in armed service services he made up “Hymne a la liberte,” and “Chant de guerre put l’armie du Rhin” the second option which was ultimately reduced towards the name “Marseillaise.” The majority of his later on existence was spent in poverty and disfavor until 1830 when he was backed by a family group from the Choisy-le-Roi. The Marseillaise officially became the French nationwide anthem in 1879. Of important notice, both Tchaikovsky and Schumann quoted Rouget de Lisle: the previous in his “Overture of 1812,” as well as the second option in his “Die beiden Grenadiere.”

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