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Blondel de Nesle

A People from france trouvere (or pre-troubadour) might have been among the legendary numbers who aided the get away of Ruler Richard the Lionheart (though that is relatively speculative). Several Blondel’s pieces had been used as versions for other tunes (i.e. “Quant je plus sui” was utilized as helpful information for four additional chansons and “Li plus se plaint” was utilized as helpful information for three additional chansons). The majority of Blondel’s tunes included no counterpoint and adopted stringent strophic patterns. Exceptions are mentioned and seen as a different line measures with melodies that didn’t abide by syllabic type. The melodic range in a few tunes prolonged 12 intervals and regularity concerning stylistic qualities had been scarce even though some repetition coupled with a tonal middle were obvious in his compositions.

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