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A little note within the booklet from the Olivia Tremor Control’s Dusk at Cubist Castle invited listeners to send tape recordings of themselves explaining their dreams, genuine or imaginary, towards the band’s postoffice box in Athens, GA. Many do, and the ones tapes will be the basis of the Dark Swan Network. The Dark Swan Network will be the Olivia Tremor Control under an assumed name (a conceit the prolific neo-psychedelicists are really keen on). William Cullen Hart, Costs Doss, John Fernandes, and Pete Erchick initial debuted their musique concrète alter egos in the EP The Olivia Tremor Control Vs. the Dark Swan Network in early 1997. This seven-track EP, an outgrowth from the ambient tests on the reward disc incorporated with early copies of Dusk at Cubist Castle, recast fragments of music from that record into trippy brand-new audio sculptures accented with all sorts of found noises and tape manipulations. In August of this season, the Australian psych label Camcorder Obscura released The Later Music (Quantity One), a full-length Dark Swan Network Compact disc with seven extended untitled pieces merging the heavily-processed fantasy explanation tapes with different instruments and sounds to make a kind of instrumental disposition music as well unsettled to become called ambient. Because the Olivia Tremor Control shifted to albums like Dark Foliage: Computer animation Music and a fresh series of part projects and single recordings, their desire for the Dark Swan Network waned, no new releases had been forthcoming.

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Music Songs Grains And Sauces, The Present Time, The Present Time/Seven Thousand Luminous Aches And Pains/The Dinner Plate, IV, Ice And Rings, Seven Thousand Luminous Aches And Pains, V, Introduction, Theme From Airplane Avenue, Flags of Symphony Swan Response, Morning Drones, Neuron Trains Backfire, Tape Splice Prelude, 1, 2, 3, 4, The Late Music II, VI, Excerpts from Late Music Vol.2, Aqua Waters/Grains And Sauces/Ice And Rings, The Dinner Plate, VII, , Evening Drones, Dusk at Cubist Castle Closing Theme, Aqua Waters, l, II, III
Albums The Olivia Tremor Control/Black Swan Network, The Late Music

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