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Alfoncy Harris

Alfoncy Harris was an old-styled big-voiced blues vocalist active through the 1920s and ’30s whose legacy quantities to a small amount of recordings, a few of which were reissued regarding the more famous performers, or on widely circulated historic blues series. His first information appear to are already manufactured in Memphis, TN, on January 31, 1928, for the Victor firm along with his wife, Bethenea Harris, along with a trio comprising clarinetist Douglas Williams, pianist Blaine (some resources state Elaine) Elliott, and drummer Sam Sims. Based on the discographies, Alfoncy briefly blew into an alto saxophone upon this program. “I Don’t Treatment What You State” was accompanied by “That Same Kitty,” a tune acknowledged to Alfoncy but obviously patterned after “That Same Pet dog” by Butterbeans & Susie, the better-known and more lucrative vaudeville blues duo after whom many a husband-and-wife group patterned their serves. On November 26 and 27, 1929, Alfoncy and Bethenea documented a set of duets for Victor in Atlanta, GA. On “Teasing Dark brown” b/w “THIS ISN’T the Range to Dark brown Your Breads,” both were supported by banjoist William Shorter and 12-string guitarist Blind Willie McTell. Four extra game titles, “Lucaloosa Blue Front side Blues” (which Alfoncy performed clarinet), “REUNITE Blues,” “Find out Something Blues,” and “What Perform I Treatment?,” had been also waxed at these classes but continued to be unissued. Alfoncy’s last known recordings, “No Great Man,” “Absent Freight Teach Blues,” and “South Property Blues,” had been designed for the ARC label in Dallas, TX, in Oct 1934 with pianist Curtis Jones. They were included as reward songs on Document’s Total Functions, Vol. 4 Curtis Jones collection in 1995. The originally released McTell titles possess cropped through to several selections under that guitarist’s name. The Douglas Williams choices made their Compact disc debut in 1997 on the Record anthology of duets by George Williams and Bessie Dark brown among good examples by five additional vaudeville and blues duos from once period. These were after that offered by Jazz Oracle among Williams’ total functions in 2000, accompanied by unparalleled exposure via addition on Bluebird’s extremely acclaimed Once the Sun FALLS: THE TRICK History of Rock and roll & Move compilation in 2002.

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