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Attomica was founded in São José dos Campos, Brazil, in 1985 by guitarist João Paulo Francis and drummer Mario Sanefuji, with vocalist Laerte Perr and brothers Pyda (acoustic guitar) and Andre Pole (bass) joining immediately after. Their moderate ambition was to be the fastest rock band within their globe, and Attomica’s skills certainly improved at a wonderfully fast price, quickly evolving through the raw tracks and Portuguese lyrics shown in their preliminary displays and 1986 demonstration to an even more achieved, speed-thrash design and English-sung lyrics on the eponymous debut recording in 1987. After its release from the small Equinox label, the group instantly headed from tour, visiting a lot of Brazil’s main cities and significantly expanding their group of fans along the way, but the encounter drove a wedge between your musicians and vocalist Perr, who stop when they returned house. Attomica quickly discovered an upgraded in ex-Thor vocalist Fabio Moreira and surely got to function composing fresh materials, but by enough time their relatively generic, Bay Region thrash-dominated second recording, Restricts of Insanity, premiered by Cogumelo Information in 1989, Moreira, as well, was eliminated and bassist Andre Pole had bought out vocal responsibilities in his stead. Once more Attomica lay out on the well-received tour across Brazil, and then hobble house to São José dos Campos in circumstances of turmoil. Guitarist Pyda Pole was next for the departure list, ultimately becoming substituted by João Paulo’s sibling, João Márcio Francis (ex-Megaton), and previous vocalist Fabio Moreira was reinstated with time to perform for the band’s third recording, Disturbing the Sound. Arriving to get in 1991, the LP’s “ultra-speed” design cemented Attomica’s standing up as you of Brazil’s best thrash works; the promo clip for one “Deathraiser” was showcased on many TV video displays, like the Brazilian MTV affiliate marketer; and, aswell as establishing their very own tour schedules, the group was hand-picked by German thrashers Kreator to open up a set of displays in Brasilia and São Paulo. The associates of Attomica had been still earning following to no cash from each one of these initiatives and had grown up sick and tired of the grueling routine of documenting, touring, and changing disgruntled music artists. They thus made a decision to split in 1994, but like the majority of Brazilian rock bands in the “fantastic” ’80s era, Attomica would re-form in the beginning of the brand-new millennium, dropping among the two Ts within their name and launching a live record entitled Back again and Alive in 2004.

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