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Zoogz Rift

Another within the type of eccentric rock and roll experimentalists led simply by Zappa and Beefheart, Zoogz Rift was influenced simply by those two in addition to numbers artistic (Dali) and literary/sociological (Ayn Rand, writer of the objectivist pillar Atlas Shrugged). Created in NJ but later on a citizen of California, Rift started recording within the 1979 with Idiots for the Miniature COURSE, for Snout Information. The album started an extended association along with his two main collaborators, Richie Häss and John Vehicle Zelm Trubee (also an associate from the Ugly Janitors of America), and demonstrated like the zany freak-out of Beefheart, to whom it’s devoted. A lot of Zoogz Rift’s eccentricities started to become overwhelmed by his developing musical ability within the mid-’80s, and even though albums like Amputees in Limbo, Isle of Living Puke as well as the three quantities contained in the Drinking water trilogy were barely industrial propositions, they discovered Rift embracing synthesizers and samplers along with the traditional guitars. His last LP in an extended series for the punk label SST Information was 1989’s Torment, and Rift documented for Trigon as well as the German label Musical Tragedies.

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