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Zé Limeira

Alongside the brothers Lourival Batista, Dimas Batista, and Otacílio Batista; José Alves Sobrinho; while others, Zé Limeira represents the cream from the Northeast Brazilian repente (musical and lyrical improvisation). The mythological personality Zé Limeira is definitely sworn to haven’t been around. He was original: the just surrealist cantador (minstrel). His poetry just came to present because of the research from the article writer and attorney Orlando Tejo, leading to the publication Zé Limeira, Poeta perform Absurdo (Zé Limeira, Poet of Absurd). Notwithstanding, Zé Limeira’s impact is definitely conspicuous in the dental tradition and the favorite poetry from the Northeast Brazilian cantadores, and his story reached mainstream pop music. Nicknamed “the Poet of Absurd” because of his verbose poetic constructions aswell as his creation of improbable neologisms, this illiterate bard developed a caustic and dried out surrealism that puzzles literary critics. His repente “Martelo Alagoano” was documented by Lula Cortes and Zé Ramalho within the LP Nordeste, Cordel, Repente e Canção, a compilation of repentes released in 1975. Ramalho also paid tribute for an apocalyptic/scatological Limeira in his music “Visõsera de Zé Limeira Sobre o Last perform Século XX,” included on his Força Verde (1982). The Quinteto Violado utilized one of is own neologisms as the name of their LP Pilogamia perform Baião (1978), quoting Limeira in the trunk cover. And, later on, Mestre Ambrósio experienced a smash strike with “Se Zé Limeira Sambasse Maracatu.” Having experienced as an education of just the oral custom of northeast Brazil, when a mystical Christianity stocks primacy with middle ages stories of saints and cavaliers, emanations in the Arab and Iberian civilizations, and Greek and Brazilian mythology, Limeira melted each one of these components in his unusual, ebullient brain, adding a scathing pornography involved with it. In addition, he never reputed either the importance from the idiom nor the shades from the syllables. The term was only couple of clay in his maddened fingertips. In his chaotic method, Limeira was a genuine stylist and understood how to catch the traditional and mythical personal references from the hinterlands. Those that lay practical his poetry cannot help unleashing the collective unconscious which leaps in the paper in arid realism.

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