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Formerly referred to as Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, the Oxford-based quintet Youthmovies were formed in 2002 simply by Andrew Mears (guitar, vocals), Al English (guitar), Graeme Murray (drums), and Stephen Hammond (bass). Brass participant/keyboardist Sam Scott shortly joined up with the lineup, and Youthmovies squandered short amount of time in fashioning a frenetic audio comprised of mathematics rock and roll rhythms, spoken phrase examples, distorted guitars, and blasts of horn. Quickfix Recordings released the mini-album Let’s PROGRESS… You’re Fracturing Me with This Misery in 2003, so when the band’s audio progressed, so do its musical impact in Oxford. Many members founded the neighborhood label Try Harder Information, while frontman Andrew Mears released a side task, Foals, and then leave once the group’s reputation began to rival that of Youthmovies. In the meantime, the band continuing to develop and record, launching both an individual (Ores) another mini-album (Hurrah! Another Season, Surely THAT ONE Will Be MUCH BETTER THAN the final; The Inexorable March of Improvement Will Lead PEOPLE to Pleasure) in 2005. Youthmovies also set up itself as a distinctive live work, touring frequently and frequently offering live soundtracks for movies. A cooperation with San Diego’s Adam Gnade led to the Honey Slides EP in fall 2007, as well as the band’s initial full-length LP, Great Nature, came early the next year.

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