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The exotic dance style known as charanga may possess started in Cuba, but among the genre’s finest rings may be the Seattle, Washington, USA-based Yerbabuena. While charanga is normally their musical speciality, Yerbabuena is quite adept at various other exotic dance styles aswell, including kid, cha-cha-chá, guaguancó, and danzón. This huge group of music artists has been jointly in one type or another since 1994, with associates including Tom Bergersen (guiro/conga), Barney Brazitis (bass), Astrae Doty-Vargas (vocals), Theodora Fogarty (violin), Marc Gavin (violin), Fred Hoadley (piano/tres/vocals), Elspeth Macdonald (business lead vocals/clarinet), Heather Ballard and Irene Mitri (violin), Sabra Weber and Jim O’Halloran (flute), Steve Smith and Ernesto Pediangco (bongo/guiro), and Lance Lu and Chris Stromquist (timbales). As the group perform perform some primary material, Yerbabuena choose to play music from renowned Cuban performers including Buena Vista Sociable Golf club, Orquesta Aragón, Los Vehicle Vehicle, Benny Moré, Eliades Ochoa, Candido Fabré, and First De Manzanillo. Although that they had been a music group for a long time, Yerbabuena didn’t release a appropriate studio documenting until 2001’s Vaiven De Mar.

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