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NY guitar-pop combo the Wygals shaped in the remnants from the short-lived art-pop device the People, founded in 1980 by Ohio-born images pupil Janet Wygal (vocals/bass). With her sibling Doug on drums furthermore to vocalist/guitarist Glenn Morrow and guitarist Jon Klages, the People debuted in 1981 using the EP Aquamarine; ex-dB Gene Holder created the program, and returned towards the helm a season afterwards for the group’s initial in support of full-length effort, Areas. After the People dissolved in 1983, the Wygal siblings followed the family’s surname because of their next task, with Janet switching to electric guitar; lead guitarist Eric Peterson also agreed upon on, as do a seemingly unlimited procession of bassists including Silicone Rodeo’s Doug Allen, Skunkadelic’s Ilene Markwell, Let’s Active’s Faye Hunter, and also another Wygal, sibling Jeff. Finally, Holder assumed full-time bass responsibilities before the Wygals’ 1987 debut Interest. After launching the 1989 full-length Honyocks within the Whithersoever, the Wygals known as it quits; Janet after that teamed with just one more sibling, sister Tricia, to create the short-lived Splendora, issuing the Holder-produced Within the Lawn in 1995.

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