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Wormrot is a grindcore music group from Singapore — yes, Singapore — that concentrates entirely on mini-releases want 2007’s Deceased and 2008’s Bastardphobic EPs before unleashing a 23-track, 22-minute “full-length” with 2009’s Misuse. The latter’s startlingly infectious brutality duly drawn the interest of Earache Information, which reissued the recording worldwide the next 12 months. Notably, although early lineups included a bass participant, Wormrot perform without, obviously going for a web page from Pig Destroyer by consisting exclusively of vocalist Arif, guitarist Rasyid, and drummer Fitri. Wormrot’s second record, their first documented beneath the aegis of Earache, was 2011’s Dirge, which toned down the steel influences to get a crusty punk audio. After touring it, the music group got a three-year hiatus, where they continued to create. During this time period, Fitri went lacking and was dismissed through the band to become changed by Vijesh Ghariwala. With an shot of fresh bloodstream up to speed, Wormrot came back in 2016 using their third record, Voices, a quantum revolution with regards to songwriting and creation.

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