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My life continues to be built on 3 pillars: music, british skills and technology. I’ve studied British because I needed to comprehend the lyrics John Lennon sang in “Visualize” and Robert Place in “Stairway to Heaven”. First-time I attempted Internet was to get the lyrics of the Hurry record, “2112”, that premiered without them in Brazil. Second period was to attempt to purchase CDs not really released right here. My grade being a Naval Engineer at Escola Politecnica da Universidade de São Paulo (that in British would appear to be Polytechnic College of School of São Paulo) conceded me the opportunity of dealing with technology. From the start of the training course, my main curiosity was processing. My first work as analyst inside a Standard bank gave me basic principles to truly have a profession as a advisor in processing strategies, my second work, so that as an Online marketing supervisor at IBM, my present profession. Music contributed to that… If Music is definitely no more ways to enhance my British skills, right now it works in an effort to rest after 10 hours dealing with technology each day. Technology assists maintaining my british skills several factors above the mediocre, and both provide me the chance to comprehend and live my 1st enthusiasm: Music. This enthusiasm is very older, and dates back to the many years of my years as a child, when my mom, girl of immigrants from Italy, and owner of the never explored tone of voice and feeling of rhythm, utilized to hear AM r / c. I clearly keep in mind the very first time I listened “Skyline Pigeon”. I had been seven years of age. The entire year was 1970. In 1975, an aunt of mine gave us (my two brothers and me) an archive player. Among my brothers released me to Hurry, Led Zeppelin as well as the intensifying bands. We began to purchase LPs and create a reputable Rock and roll collection. In 1983, the same sibling sold the complete collection to get a guitar. Out of this date, among my hobbies provides gone to rebuy the CDs we’d, a few of them so difficult to look for and obscure I still have no idea on how best to purchase. This event and my organic behavior to be always searching for specifics and linkages between them had been the initial impulses to carefully turn me into an beginner researcher. My initial studies on well-known music history contains rudiments of rings that “produced” the seventies. Shortly the affects from the primary bands from the sixties and seventies over Brazilian nascent Rock and roll music became apparent. And, although Brazilian music is normally by far larger than “Brazilian Rock and roll and Pop”, my interest was captured by this area of the sensation, that brings everything I really like in music right into a one lifeline. Maybe the data acquired on this is the contribution I could share with Music and its own fans. ~ Wilson Cruz Beatles Abbey Street Dark Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Deep Crimson Machine Mind Dire Straits Alchemy Concentrate Hamburguer Concerto Genesis Foxtrot Hammil, Peter Nadir’s Big Opportunity Jethro Tull Solid BEING A Brick Kansas Leftoverture Ruler Crimson In the Courtroom from the Crimson Ruler Kinks, The Sleepwalker Led Zeppelin Homes from the Holy Lee, Rita Fruto Proibido Marillion Misplaced Years as a child Paralamas perform Sucesso, Operating-system O Passo Perform Lui Red Floyd Want You Were Right here Queen A TRIP TO The Races R.E.M. Out OF YOUR TIME Rainbow Rising Hurry Moving Photos Supertramp Actually In The Quietest Occasions Triumvirat Illusions WITHIN A Two times Dimple Vehicle Der Graaf Generator Still Existence Wakeman, Rick Trip To The Center Of THE PLANET EARTH Yes Stories From Topographic Oceans

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