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Fans of unique equipment, homemade musical devices, and kooky sound files may hold a particular place within their hearts because of this artist, however they shouldn’t. He doesn’t are worthy of it. Actually, it doesn’t really seem sensible, either, since there is no “he.” There is no Willie Spicer. The so-called virtuoso from the sneezaphone didn’t really can be found. Admittedly, it really is possible that the first is reluctant to simply accept. In the end, the globe of Spike Jones was filled with genuine, flesh and bloodstream animals who became experts at burping on cue or creating bizarre noises that could just be identified from the most brazen onimatopoeia: “glug,” for instance. Several performers, such as for example Doc Birdbath or Sir Frederic Gas, would later on state to become the inventors of gags or preparations that were credited with their bandleader rather. Wouldn’t it become similar to the supposedly arrogant Jones to create a musician totally from the picture, to state the person didn’t exist and present himself credit for the excellent birdaphone single on “Der Fuehrer’s Encounter”? The birdaphone was the rubber-band driven thingie that developed the rude, nearly-censored sound within the chorus from the second option song, and it had been actually developed by Jones when he was still in senior high school, an excellent place for such a sound impact. Willie Spicer is one of the exclusive classification of made-up credits, turning up like jottings through the entire performing arts aswell as with the books of writers such as for example H.P. Lovecraft or Raymond Queneau who refer to nonexistent writers and quotation from their nonexistent texts at size. A few examples of music artists who don’t actually can be found except as lines of type follow below in the list for similar performers, because in the end, that is suitable. Jones himself nearly burnt the gambit out, crediting I.M. Arson simply because the vocalist on “My Aged Flame.” This is behind the name of Willie Spicer, without doubt while it began with some off-color music group joke, is not retrieved by Jonesian scholars. Certainly, a few of these people appear to think there’s a Willie Spicer, discussing him in credits as though he was a genuine person. Obviously, a couple of people called Willie Spicer who can be found, including the developer of a course in Florida as well as the unlucky subject of the news accounts from 1898: “Willie Spicer, small kid of Stephen Spicer, Esq., trim his head using a hatchet on New Year’s time.” Probably he recovered with time to try out the sneezaphone single on “Hotchia Cornia.”

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