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William Dover

Not to end up being confused using the historic jazz trombonist and bandleader, this William Dover is an associate of a nation music group named the Settlers. In the past due ’90s, this music group released an record entitled Travelin’ Lite, once again a supply for possible dilemma with a music group that phone calls itself Travelin’ Light — but provides yet to place out an record known as The Settlers. The usage of “lite” is certainly of course an indicator of the days, having experienced almost constant enjoy through the ’90s to spell it out everything from drinks to civil wars. Alternatively, further study of the Settlers’ handicraft reveals various other spelling problems: the current presence of “travlin” (sic) in the typesetting immediately places this in a distinctive group of record addresses with glaring huge print out. Don’t blame Dover, nevertheless. While he do take a number of the photos in the cover, aswell as sing and play tempo guitar in the sessions, he’s not acknowledged with providing the written text. The group continues to be active because the early ’60s, keeping inside the tradition from the territory rings of a youthful period by confining touring actions largely south. Other associates of the group consist of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Don Singleton and Paul Build, an creative picker on banjo and pedal metal.

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