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Will Cullen Hart

For most music artists, high-school collaborations are simply just footnotes to later on careers. For Will Cullen Hart, they will have blossomed with him on his musical journeys using the Olivia Tremor Control as well as the Circulatory Program. Hailing from Ruston, LA, Hart produced high-school close friends with famous brands Jeff Mangum, Costs Doss, Robert Schneider, Scott Spillane, among others. Jointly and individually, the group produced countless tapes on the four-tracks, influenced mainly with the lush psychedelic orchestrations from the Seaside Young boys’ Brian Wilson as well as the Beatles. Although tapes had been only handed out among one another, they dubbed themselves the Elephant 6 Documenting Business, and emblazoned each discharge with a logo design created by Hart. After senior high school, Schneider relocated to Denver, and Hart lay out for the Virgin Islands. Coming back broke significantly less than a season later, he finished up in Athens, GA. As well as Mangum and Doss, Hart shaped the Olivia Tremor Control. In the meantime, in Colorado, Schneider founded the Apples (In Stereo system), and a extremely real incarnation from the Elephant 6 Documenting Company. After liberating many singles and EPs, Mangum remaining the OTC to spotlight his own clothing, Neutral Milk Resort. More members had been attracted from the Ruston rates, as well as the OTC documented two critically acclaimed albums for Flydaddy: Music From your Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle and Dark Foliage: Animation Music, both which had been marked by way of a mix of Doss’ sunlit Revolver-era melodies and Hart’s ever-denser, mile-high Wall structure of Sound. Hart also participated in an evergrowing body of part work, like the Dark Swan Network. Pursuing trouble using the label, the Olivia Tremor Control required an indefinite hiatus in early 2000. Hart retired to Athens to spotlight painting (he designed the addresses for all the OTC produces). In 2001, he co-founded Cloud Recordings using the OTC’s John Fernandes, and released the Circulatory Program, an archive orchestrated by Hart which presented OTC alumni, along with the typical gang on Elephant 6 collaborators. Like Sunlight Ra’s Saturn Information, Hart utilized Cloud to place out little batch recording tasks, including Inside Sights, Circuits, and Sterling silver.

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