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Wilda Bennett

b. 19 Dec 1894, Asbury Recreation area, NJ, USA, d. 20 Dec 1967, Winnemucca, Nevada, USA. An early on stage appearance is at the play Everywoman (1911) and through the past due 10s and early 20s Bennett was frequently in NY musical productions, most of them on Broadway. These included The Just Female (1914), staged on the Thirty-ninth Road Theater, where she made an appearance with Thurston Hall and Ernest Torrence, as well as the Riviera Female (1917), an A.L. Erlanger and Marc Klaw creation that went for 78 shows at the brand new Amsterdam Theater. With music by Emmerich Kálmán and reserve and lyrics by Man Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse, an extended run was most likely anticipated. The cast also included Marjorie Bentley, Juliette Time, Florence Delmar, Gene Lockhart and William Sadler. Next emerged The Girl In back of the Weapon (1918), also an Erlanger and Klaw creation at the brand new Amsterdam. With music by Ivan Caryll and reserve and lyrics by Bolton and Wodehouse, that one did just a little better but nonetheless ran for just 160 shows. Also in the ensemble were Delmar, Jack port Hazzard, Ada Meade and Virginia O’Brien. Bennett is at the operetta Apple Blossoms (1919), the Music Container Revue (1921, which went for a calendar year), THE GIRL In Ermine (1922), and Mme. Pompadour (1924, which acquired an 80-functionality run on the Martin Beck Theater). Made by Charles B. Dillingham and Martin Beck, the present’s music was by Leo Fall, the reserve and lyrics by Rudolph Schanzer and Ernst Welisch, modified by Clare Kummer. The cast included Florenz Ames, Raymond Cullen, Frederick Lewis, Pauline Miller, John Quinlan and Henry Vincent. Bennett also produced several silver screen appearances through the 30s.

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