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Whiskeyhill Singers

As the Whiskeyhill Singers only survived over the folk picture for a short while through the early ’60s, the group’s sole album non-etheless represents a fascinating footnote towards the era. Unlike a lot of ignored trios and quartets of the time, the group concurrently served being a demonstrating floor for ex-Kingston Trio innovator Dave Safeguard so that as a releasing pad for Judy Henske’s single profession. Henske’s departure following a first recording and Capital’s impatience, nevertheless, assured how the quartet could not get a opportunity to totally develop Guard’s concepts. In 1961, Safeguard decided to keep the Kingston Trio, typically the most popular folk music group of its day time. In lots of ways, he was a casualty from the criticisms provided by traditionalists who condemned the industrial folk that spurred the revival on. Although he was the recognized leader from the Kingston Trio, the additional people balked when he recommended changing the band’s repertoire. “I wasn’t confident my associates had been doing the very best they could,” Safeguard told Display Business Illustrated. Safeguard remaining the trio and started auditioning potential players with the thought of radically departing through the Kingston Trio’s sound. The ultimate lineup included Heinze, after that an unknown vocalist focusing on the Western Coastline, Cyrus Faryar, a high-school chum of Guard’s, and David “Buck” Whole wheat, a bassist who’d performed on many Kingston Trio classes. With the decision of a female vocalist, the Whiskeyhill Performers would more obviously resemble the Weavers compared to the Kingston Trio, having a significant difference: Heinze’s design of belting the blues got more in keeping with Bessie Smith than Ronnie Gilbert. The zany quality from the recently shaped group was captured in an image of the group forever in Dec of 1962. Inside a fictionalized edition from the folk music “Railroad Expenses,” Whole wheat and his bass have already been tied up over the railroad monitor while Henske, revolver at hand, pursues an cartoon Safeguard and Faryar. “When the Whiskeyhill Performers performed,” Faryar afterwards informed Richie Unterberger, “we actually frightened people just as much as interested them. Buck Whole wheat was years-plus over the age of all of the rest folks, about my elevation, five-foot six. David [was] six-foot-four, and Judy, in her pumps, [was] six-foot four.” The group shortly entered the studio room and cut Dave Safeguard & the Whiskeyhill Performers. Although it didn’t completely sever Safeguard from his well-known folk previous, it did provide a item quite unlike anything of its period. Overall, nevertheless, the album appeared to be going in many directions simultaneously, incorporating smooth tranquility, custom, and raunchy blues. The Whiskeyhill Performers returned towards the studio room to record another record, but Capital thought we would keep the materials in its vaults (where it still continues to be). Henske acquired departed prior to the periods were over, as well as the various other members soon dispersed in various directions. Faryar became a member of the present day Folk Quartet and proved helpful being a program player, while Safeguard basically disappeared through the music business for several years. Dave Safeguard & the Whiskeyhill Performers was re-released in 2001 on Enthusiasts’ Choice Music.

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