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Wendell DuConge

The DuConge family is among New Orleans’ many important music dynasties, with Wendell DuConge representing another generation scion. Musically, the name was well-established in the town by the past due 18th hundred years, when Oscar DuConge kept forth along with his very own music group. Wendell DuConge, known for blowing feisty alto saxophone solos in the ’50s and ’60s, was inspired not merely by his dad, tenor saxophonist Earl DuConge, but by a bunch of swinging uncles aswell. For the record, although they didn’t make many, there is pianist Adolphus DuConge, trumpeter Albert DuConge, and undoubtedly Peter DuConge, who performed three musical instruments and spent the ’30s located in Europe. As the last mentioned DuConge documented with many big brands in jazz such as for example Louis Armstrong, it had been actually Wendell DuConge who set up that associates of his family members could possess something apart from depleted discographies. On jazz information alone he’s acknowledged as playing on some 20 different saving periods between 1951 and 1958, which doesn’t also represent his primary musical outlet. The sort of big-band music that acquired provided employment towards the senior family in the ’20s and ’30s was hardly taking place in the ’50s. Fortunately, the wonderful Extra fat Domino was sensible enough to put skilled players such as for example DuConge entrance and middle in his fresh rock & move music, even though these musicians had been regarded as out of design and were normally neglected. DuConge also documented some great edges with bluesman T-Bone Walker.

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