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We Are Serenades

Getting started as leaders of contending rings, Swedish pop duo We Are Serenades emerged together after an opportunity get together between Adam Olenius of RAISE YOUR VOICE Louds and Markus Krunegård of Laakso at an escape stop over the autobahn. After many years of rivalry inside the Swedish music picture, Olenius and Krunegård ultimately became close friends, which resulted in a songwriting relationship between your two innovative kindred spirits. With both performers accustomed to getting the dominating existence in their particular bands, they developed sort of innovative dogma for We Are Serenades to live by, stressing that from the music would have to be positive and uplifting, and they would always make an effort to sing collectively as one tone of voice instead of trading off tracks. This year 2010, Olenius and Krunegård could actually book studio period and place their songwriting technique into practice because they worked on fresh material collectively. Their voices would finally become heard collectively in 2012 using the launch of their debut full-length, Lawbreaker Heaven, on Cherrytree Information.

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