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Warmdesk may be the minimal techno task from Chicago manufacturer William Selman. Originally employed in the greater dissonant globe of musique concrète, Selman had taken a more available approach using the minimal techno of Warmdesk. Brands like Bip-Hop and Alienation included Warmdesk monitors on compilations as soon as 2001 and singles had been released on Static Caravan and A Posteriori Recordings. In 2003 Deluxe released Warmdesk’s full-length debut, Guero Variants, an album produced entirely by noises played in the piano. Stephan Mathieu and Ulrich Troyer added remixes towards the Guero Variants Variants 12″, released in 2003. Selman can be an intermittent DJ and spins famous brands Akufen, Baby Ford, Moodymann, and many records from the essential Channel label.

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