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Wanda Landowska

Possibly the single most influential popularizer from the harpsichord within the twentieth century, Wanda Alexandra Landowska began playing piano at age four. She got lessons with Jan Klecynski, moved into the Warsaw Conservatory where she researched piano with Aleksander Michalowski, and researched in Berlin with Moritz Moszkowski. In Berlin, she also researched composition, but accepted that she was defer from the textbook guidelines that bound the first stages of research in that art. She had a solid predilection for the music of Bach in her first piano recitals. She started to tour broadly like a pianist and, significantly, like a harpsichordist. In 1909, on the tour of Russia, she performed for older people writer Count number Lev Tolstoi, who required a keen desire for her sights of traditional music overall performance. Her husband, article writer Henry Lew, aided her in her extreme research of musical design and interpretation from the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years. She centered on reviving the harpsichord as a full time income concert and recital device, getting an ancestor from the “initial devices” and “genuine overall performance” movements from the twentieth hundred years. In 1912, she commissioned the Pleyel piano developing firm to create the to begin many harpsichords created to her specs. In 1913, after becoming asked by Kretzschmar to provide a harpsichord workshop in the Berlin Hochschule für Musik, she became caught in Germany when Globe War I started. She and her spouse had been granted limited independence as “civil prisoners on parole” for the duration as Russian topics (Poland at that time was a province of Russia). After their launch by the end from the battle, her spouse was killed within an car accident in Berlin. Immediately after, she performed the continuo component inside a overall performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Enthusiasm in Basel, the very first time in that hundred years that this harpsichord was found in the overall performance of the fantastic work. Landowska got become confident that just the harpsichord was really appropriate towards the Baroque and early Classical intervals. She started teaching on the Basel Conservatory in 1919 and returned to instruct in Paris. She toured america for the very first time in 1923, acquiring four Pleyel harpsichords with her. Upon this tour, she made an appearance with Leopold Stokowski as well as the Philadelphia Orchestra, producing her initial acoustic recordings. (She experienced previously produced piano rolls.) She founded L’Ecole de Musique Ancienne in St.-Leu-la-Forêt, close to Paris, in 1925. She made an appearance in concerts in Paris, occasionally still playing piano. She commissioned from Manuel de Falla a masterpiece of contemporary harpsichord books, the Concerto for harpsichord and chamber ensemble, and a different one, Francis Poulenc’s Concert champêtre for harpsichord and orchestra. Once the Germans invaded France, Landowska fled her establishment, abandoning many harpsichords along with a collection of 10,000 quantities. She reached Banyuls-sur-mer, within the Pyrenees, and got passage to america in 1941. She offered a concert of harpsichord music in NY on Feb 2, 1942, and came back to teaching as her primary profession. She toured broadly and was especially noted on her behalf overall performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variants. She found a fresh house in Lakeville, CT, and documented an extremely acclaimed assortment of the entire Well-Tempered Clavier at age 70. She resided a couple weeks previous her 80th birthday. Her playing was strenuous, rhythmic, and vibrant. She experienced a predilection for an extremely strong-voiced, richly coloured instrument that’s questioned today by some; it really is opined that was a response contrary to the instrument’s general status for being dried out and colorless. She created contemporary harpsichord technique, which permits a significant amount of legato playing regardless of the instrument’s character being a producer of independently plucked notes.

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