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Walter Klien

From the generally named great pianists from the twentieth century, Austria’s Walter Klien is among the least known. He researched with Josef Dichler and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli within the 1940s and was honored two third-place awards on the International Busoni Piano Tournaments of 1951 and 1952. non-etheless, Klien didn’t make his debut in america until 1969, concertizing most regularly in Europe. The majority of Klien’s recordings had been manufactured in Vienna for the American Vox label; in some instances Klien performed within a four-hand duet along with his friend and fellow Austrian Alfred Brendel. Klien also supported violinists Arthur Grumiaux and Wolfgang Schneiderhan in violin and piano functions. Throughout his lifestyle, Klien recorded many models for Vox that encompass the complete known keyboard result of particular composers, including Mozart, Brahms, and Schubert. His Schubert recordings are especially exceptional, and so are broadly considered on the par with or much better than the series created by Alfred Brendel — slim, clean, and processed, however expressive and deeply experienced. Vox’ reputation like a low-budget traditional label almost guaranteed that Klien’s shows would stay undervalued during his life time; however, shortly after Klien passed away, there is a razor-sharp reversal in his crucial fortunes. Although Klien’s general legacy is usually extraordinarily constant and alone rewarding, it really is his Schubert routine that represents Klien at his greatest.

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