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Walter Johnson

Not to end up being confused using the gospel designer from the same name nor the talented jazz drummer, this Walter Johnson was an excellent but unfortunately dismally under-recorded spirit vocalist who wrote a lot of his very own material. Sometimes in comparison to Otis Redding with regards to musical quality and certainly not fortune, popularity, nor publicity, Johnson’s most well-known record was an individual over the Wand label complementing the procrastinating “Not really Now But Afterwards” using the unpleasant “Love Helps to keep Me Crying.” The proprietors of Wand might not experienced magic powers, however Johnson’s performances conveniently surpass the high criteria set with the label, which between 1959 and 1976 released almost 300 singles. While relatively beefed up because of a resurgence appealing in so-called North soul, records and information regarding Wand productions have a tendency to end up being slender. Johnson’s recordings time from around 1966 but are often identified by spirit cultists as “…the record following the Ivories in the catalog.”

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