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Wade Legge

Wade Legge lived significantly less than 30 years, his brief career an extraordinary legacy of revitalizing work and outstanding interaction with experts such as for example Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, and Charles Mingus. His name sounding just like a incomplete description of the bathing event, Legge was an excellent bassist in addition to pianist. Vibraphonist Milt Jackson noticed him plucking the previous axe inside a Buffalo golf club and known as his friend Dizzy Gillespie, understanding the bebop trumpeter was restaffing a tempo section. This resulted in a Legge up into Gillespie’s combo, an excellent profession move as this group was operating steadily within the ’50s. A half of a month in to the 1st tour, the storyplot will go that Gillespie strolled in on Legge playing piano and stated “I’m switching you off bass.” In another edition, Legge got the work after showing the existing pianist a hipper method to play a bridge. Legge extended within this group through 1954, obtaining his first possibilities to record being a trio head when in France on Gillespie’s dime. Legge after that roamed around NEW YORK bandstands on the freelance basis. One of is own main careers was within an orchestra led by Johnny Richards, though he definitely was even more challenged by documenting schedules with Rollins and Mingus. Legge’s piano function is section of Mingus’ discography from the first ’50s, particularly the Debut label. There he makes the feeling among the even more avant-garde-sounding fellows over the time, hitting several chords that may actually have been designed with a roulette steering wheel. Rollins Has for Parrot and Sonny Boy certainly are a couple of total classics where Legge is hearing intently to the fantastic tenor saxophonist; the pianist also gets a good work out on Alto Madness, a typically thrilling blowing time from the time where saxophonist Jackie McLean can be contrasted using the lesser-known John Jenkins. In every, the busy musician performed on a lot more than 50 documenting dates within a seven-year period. Going back four many years of his lifestyle Legge came back to Buffalo, where regional music artists recall that he appeared to appearance much over the age of his actual age group.

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