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Von Thronstahl

Occasionally criticized for sights bordering on proto-fascism, the brothers of Von Thronstahl (Josef Maria Klumb and Bernhard Klumb) started building music together in 1995. Motivated by way of a desire to make a musical landscaping that was mounted on a “true European traditions,” the set released their initial function, the 10″ Sturmzeit, in 1998. On the following ten roughly years, Von Thronstahl would to push out a handful of functions, including several full-length albums (Imperium Internum in 2000, E Pluribus Unum in 2001, Bellum, Sacrum Bellum!? in 2003) along with a smattering of mini CDs and Compact disc box pieces — 2007’s Sacrificare and 2009’s Germanium Metallicum, for instance.

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