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San Francisco’s Vio-Lence were among the past due arrivals towards the ’80s thrash steel party, even though they bore all of the regular sonic attributes from the genre, they never had the opportunity to develop in the small amount of time allotted to them. Produced by guitarist Robb Flynn after his departure from fellow Bay Region thrashers Forbidden, Vio-Lence also highlighted vocalist Sean Killian, guitarist Phil Demmel, bassist Dean Dell, and drummer Perry Strickland. Intensely inspired by thrash pioneers Exodus, the music group often chose organic aggression within the even more technical design of peers like Loss of life Angel and Forbidden. Despite Killian’s vocal shortcomings (the vocalist seemed not capable of maintaining all of those other group’s frenetic speed), the band’s 1988 debut Eternal Problem had a lot more than its talk about of bright occasions. This couldn’t end up being said because of their mainly lackluster 1990 follow-up, Oppressing the Public, nor 1991’s Torture Methods EP, however, as well as the music group fell apart following the saving of 1993’s Nothing at all to get. Robb Flynn would quickly resurrect his profession with a fresh music group — the well-received Machine Mind, while Demmel and Dell would continue to create Torque.

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