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Vilém Blodek

Smetana was this composer’s slightly older modern and, had Blodek lived an extended life, it’s possible that he might have got surpassed the former’s capability to synthesize fresh melodic lines through the Czech history and life-situation. Blodek had not been just a composer but also a flute participant, pianist and educator. He was trained flute by Eiser, structure by Kittl and piano by Dreyschock. It really is accurate to state that he was inspired by Mendelssohn, Kittl and Smetana but he most definitely surpased his instructor. Blodek composed vocal music including operas (his legacy), choral functions, a mass and various other sacred functions aswell as instrumental concertos, sextets, plus some chamber functions. “V studni” (In the Well) was a one action opera and the very best known function by Blodek. His “Clarissa” (unfinished) demonstrates an however missing innovative potential because of his early loss of life. Furthermore, “Zitek” was an opera that illustrated the profoundity of his potential.

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