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Vietnom play an aggressive design of metallic NEW YORK hardcore driven by way of a hip-hop-like two-man vocal delivery, pile-driving riffs, and percussive, mosh pit-inducing rhythms. The music group completely represents the long-running DMS Staff — a loose-knit coalition of rings, promoters, road toughs, and close friends who support each other — which includes people of Agnostic Front side, H20, Boy of Skam, as well as other works. The music group endorses every one of the pursuits typically protected lyrically by fellow DMS rings Skarhead and Madball: pursuits such as for example drugs, cash, and sex. Vietnom isn’t called for the once war-torn country, but also for its frontman, graffiti musician Nom One. Flanked by his partner in criminal offense Scorcese (who stocks vocal responsibilities), Nom shaped the band to obtain a few points from his chest. Guitarist AK Ray 47 may be the additional consistent person in the group, using the tempo section evolving frequently over a set of hard-hitting produces around the Uprising label. Purely the Real arrived 1st in 2000, an EP that launched the entire world to the brand new York City music group. Following the EP’s launch, Vietnom spent lots of time obtaining together Death May be the End result, their full-length debut, enlisting assistance from guest celebrities Ezec of Skarhead and Freddy Madball.

Quick Facts

Full Name Vietnom
Music Songs Step On Inside, Grind Till My Heart Stops, Stucco Roofs, Priest, Poet & The Pig, Toby, No Use In Cryin', Kitchen Kongas, Too Tired, Behind The Paintings, I Used To Respect You Featuring Vietnam, Welcome To My Room, Hotel Riverview, Apocalypse, Blasphemy Blues, Mr. Goldfinger, Summer In The City, Flyin', The Streets, Gabe, A.D., I Promise... Things Are Gonna Get Better, Fight Water With Fire, Rock for My City, W.orld W.ar W.orries, Another Day, Roadhouse Blues, China Tonight, Yaz, Broken Doll, Baltimore, 1.20.09, Hidden Track
Albums Death Is The Outcome, Madness Beyond Insanity, Death Is the Outcome / Thru My Eyes, Strictly The Real

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