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Vic Thrill

Vic Thrill arose from your ashes of two different NEW YORK rings, the Bogmen and Backyard Variety. Following the dissolution of the groups, their primary members collected in N.Con.C. for impromptu jams that led in types of crazy directions. Mind Bogman Billy Campion was also the impresario of the creative think container in the city’s Williamsburg community referred to as the Vic Excitement Salon. Renaming himself after his substance, Campion became Vic Thrill, as well as guitarist Saturn Missile (Anthony Rizzo, ex-Garden Range), bassist/keyboardist Aure Dextra, and drummer Clubber X. The music group developed a distinctive sound that recommended David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period, if the Thin White colored Duke have been blessed with contemporary electronic development, a like of polyrhythmic globe music, and a significant wish to dance.

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