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The precursor to Versus X was a music group called Vague Enterprise, which played a fresh wave/new romantic style and was founded in 1984 being a trio having a drum computer. This is the first music group that presented Arne Schäfer on business lead vocals in 1985, although he previously practiced singing along with his house taping encounter before. Twelve months later on, Stefan Maywald became a member of on drums and by this time around, Schäfer’s influence forced the music group concept even more in the intensifying path. In 1989, this finally led these to split up due to musical differences. Therefore, Maywald began parallel utilize a music group called Apogee. Later on, the group was called Versus X after a manifestation Schäfer within a publication about physical chemistry (he’s a specialist chemist). Schäfer simply believed it sounded great and it might be interpreted as “against the mainstream.” In those days, Schäfer performed some single concerts using classical guitar, keyboards, and vocals. At among these concerts, Ekkehard Nahm noticed his overall performance, which captured his curiosity. He spoke to Schäfer following the concert, realizing his solid Peter Hammill impact. They decided to meet up with again and quickly afterwards, Nahm became a member of the music group. In 1995, Stephan Dilley became a member of on bass. Dilley and Maywald experienced to quit using Versus X to have the ability to perform their careers in distant locations. Maywald was changed by Uwe Völlmar, whose effective and exact, but also extremely sensible playing design fit flawlessly with Versus X music. After having to play with out a bass participant for approximately a year, where Nahm overran the bass parts using his Moog Taurus pedals. Versus X added Jörg Fischer (bass) as the final musician to become listed on Versus X.

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