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Venus Fly Trap

Self-described as ‘Bladerunner sci-fi rock ‘n’ roll blended with acidic cinematic visions’, Venus Fly Trap are underachieving veterans from the underground, experimental rock scene. Located in Northampton, Britain, throughout a profession stretching back again to the past due 80s, Venus Take a flight Trap’s records have already been seen as a the vocals of Alex Novak – an element of their audio that has frequently been in comparison to that of Jim Morrison from the Doorways. A nearer musical comparison may be Christian Loss of life. The other associates of the music group in the middle-90s had been Gary Lennon (electric guitar), Andy Denton (drums) and Neil Ridley (bass), though prior line-ups have been much less settled. Novak in addition has collaborated widely, like the Nova Condition Conspiracy task with Simon Coleby, which, in 1994, released on Dion Lot of money Records the record Zeitgeist. Novak also works his very own music fanzine, Bizarre, which records his flavor for outlandish and experimental music.

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