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Valfrido Silva

Valfrido Silva was a famous drummer and composer numerous successes. He was the initial Brazilian well-known composer to take pleasure from an international popularity and was the initial drummer to possess his name published on an archive label (“Preludiando,” associated Carolina Cardoso de Meneses). At age group six, he transferred to Niterói along with his parents. In 1916, he began to practice the drums with Carlos Eckardt and afterwards with Augusto Lima, both orchestra directors in Niterói. Twelve months afterwards, he opened using the Eckardt’s orchestra, associated revues, operettas, and playing vocals for silent films. For a significant period, he performed for Eckardt and Augusto Lima. Silva was after that employed for the well-known Assírio cabaret. Then visited the Beira Mar nightclub, accompanied by the Dance Avenida as well as the Cassino Atlântico orchestra. In 1932, he became a member of two famous studio room groups which documented for RCA Victor; the Grupo da Guarda Velha as well as the Diabos perform Céu. Both distributed practically the same workers, however the Guarda Velha acquired an focus on percussion, relying on four tempo players. With those organizations, Silva recorded many albums, using the paths “Linda Morena,” “O Teu Cabelo Não Nega,” “A Tua Vida É Um Segredo,” “Trip Pagliacci,” “Alô, Alô,” while others. Used with Francisco Alves and Mário Reis, he shifted to Odeon, where he followed Aurora Miranda on “Cidade Maravilhosa.” Like a composer, his starting is at blocos de carnaval (Carnival organizations). His 1st recorded structure was “Jurei Me Vingar” (lyrics by André Filho), documented by Sílvio Caldas in 1932 for Victor. The next was the traditional “Vai Haver Barulho No Chatô” (with Noel Rosa), documented by Mário Reis in 1932. He previously great achievement in 1935 with “Estão Batendo,” documented by Joel e Gaúcho, and “Vou-me Casar No Uruguai,” documented by Almirante. In 1937, he had written “O Tic-Tac Perform Meu Coração,” which Carmen Miranda would record for the film Minha Magic formulaária Brasileira (1942), after that becoming among the 1st Brazilian well-known composers to possess international projection. Like a drummer, he used Romeu Silva from 1935 to 1944, and from 1944 to 1948, he performed in the Teatro Recreio using the Companhia Valter Pinto. His 1st international tour is at 1949 using the Companhia Dercy Gonçalves, in Venezuela. After 90 days, he left the business using the conductor Vicente Paiva as well as the Trio de Ouro, touring with them for 90 days. In 1951, using the Companhia Folclórica Brasileira, José Vasconcelos, and Carlos Galhardo, Silva visited Portugal, had been he performed for half a year. Upon his come back, he was employed from the Companhia César Ladeira-Renata Fronzi for the display Brasil 3000. As a free of charge lancer, he used uncountable orchestras and organizations. Like a composer, he previously 48 successful masterpieces using the pianist Gadé since 1932, a calendar year where Jaime Vogeler documented their samba “Escuta Aqui.” With Gadé, he documented the LP Gafieira (simply piano and drums) for Musidisc in 1956.

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