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Valentin Haussmann

An enigmatic personality in the annals of music, Haussmann had zero difficulty to find a train station wherever he went. It appears that he didn’t hold one placement for an extended time frame but pursued moves, composition and editing and enhancing thoughout Germany. He gathered, edited and released some Polish dances and far of his music, at least relating to his explanations, was informed from the Polish dance. His anthologies included and disseminated significant amounts of info concerning Italian items, Polish dances, and text messages aswell as music from Gastoldi, Marenzio, Vecchi as well as others. Haussmann’s dance selections were precursors to the people of Hasler and Demantius; he regarded as the pavan and galliard pairs (instrumentally) as solitary bits of music and in his selections he would sometimes compose the music and/or create the text messages himself. Instrumentally he was the 1st known German to rating for the violin in the top part. Until Haussmann the positioning which he afforded the violin could have been performed from the viol. His fugues in the “Fuga prima” are historically significant in the additional advancement of the fugal type. Illustrating the recognition of his musical items were several transcriptions of his dances for the usage of his tunes in anthologies and transcriptions into lute intablatures.

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