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Created in 1992, in the city of Hønefoss, by Trondr Nefas (screeches, lead guitar) and Enzifer (aka Mr. T.L. Messiah, tempo acoustic guitar), Urgehal are accurate, necro-Norwegian black metallic poster males — and which means corpse color, scary costumes, natural leather and spikes, the functions! Early demos from 1994 and 1995 noticed the group complemented by bassist Chiron and key pad participant Aradia, but her solutions were quickly dispensed with and it wasn’t before launch of their 1997 debut recording, Arma Christi, that Urgehal bothered to employ a human being drummer, Uruz (actual name Jarle Byberg). Additional examples of natural, unsophisticated, misanthropic dark metal followed in the form of 1998’s Substantial Terrestrial Assault, 2001’s Atomkinder, and 2003’s Through Solid Fog Til Loss of life, which introduced fresh bassist Tomas “Sregroth” Torgersbråten and was ultimately reissued stateside 2 yrs later on by Southern Lord Information, plus a fresh Urgehal launch, Goat Art Torment. Atomkinder found its way to 2006.

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