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In 1983 Marcelo Hayena (voice), Nilo Nunes (guitar), Cal (bass) and Jonathas Nunes (drums) teamed up to create the Uns & Outros, rock-band that had its 1st hit with “Dois Gumes”, with which it got the next host to the Banda Contra Banda festival (1986). The track was contained in the event compilation and got an excellent airing, getting the music group being employed by PolyGram. The 1st LP, Nós Normais (1987) was accompanied by Uns & Outros (Sony, 1989), which experienced their greatest strike, “Carta aos Objectiveários”. A Terceira Onda (1990) experienced some achievement with “Canção em Volta perform Fogo” and “Not reallyícias perform Leste”, however the documenting organization rescinded their agreement. In 1998, with a fresh development (since 1996, André Manieri, acoustic guitar; Zarmo, drums; and China, bass) they have scored a hit using a edition of New Order’s “Like Vigilantes”, “Pra Nunca Mais Partir”. Various other from the group’s tracks that got some achievement are “Dias Vermelhos”, “Máquina Mortífera” and “Lágrimas entre Máscaras”.

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