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United State of Sound

Composed of Ken Sharman and Lars, the Glaswegian-based U.S.S. 1st found prominence in 1993 using the greatly popular progressive lower, ‘Oscillator’. The monitor stood out easily through the mass of 12-ins, an undeniable fact the music group related to the treatment they exercise within the studio room, even right down to development their own software program for editing noises. To the end they will have their very own high-tech establishment within earshot from the Parkhead soccer floor, where record business executives flocked blinking chequebooks following a record’s effect. Resolutely, the duo made a decision to hyperlink with local self-employed Bomba instead, making sure they retained complete creative control. Lars was influenced by the task of Derrick Might, going to are a DJ himself, and is convinced his perspective as a normal over the turntables is normally valuable in evaluating what it really is that audiences wish.

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