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Finding the right name for the rock group could be a real task. After exploring the options of names such as for example Position Ovation and Goddamnit, the three youthful Norwegians Frode Flatland (bass), Kristian Stockhaus (vocals, electric guitar), and Øyvind Solheim (drums) finally resolved on Ungdomskulen, which merely means “middle college” in the children’ native vocabulary. The trio was produced in 2003, however the boys have been playing music jointly since the past due ’90s, writing a mutual curiosity about artists such as for example Sonic Youngsters, Sebadoh, and Beck. By enough time Position Ovation was produced, Swedish-born Kristian Stockhaus acquired currently released two single albums to vital acclaim. Flatland and Solheim have been his support band, however now they wished to try something brand-new. They wished to build a hyper-energetic and various power trio. Located in Bergen, the group quickly obtained a popularity as a fantastic live act, mainly within their hometown, and afterwards in the others of Norway aswell as European countries. Their debut record, Cry-Baby, premiered world-wide in the fall months 2007 within the U.K. label Ever Information. The recording included a demanding mixture of musical designs, such as fresh wave, indie rock and roll, prog, and Zappa-influenced avant-garde rock and roll. It instantly elevated several eyebrows, specifically among critics doing work for important music magazines such as for example Uncut, New Musical Express, and Kerrang!

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