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Using a name that means ‘sea food’ or ‘happiness from the sea’, Uminosachi are an eclectic Japanese music collective formed by singer and guitarist Donto. Following the demise of his primary music group, Bogumbos, Donto’s purpose was to explore the musical customs of south-east Asian civilizations, specifically Indonesian and Malaysian. In Uminosachi he was associated with his wife, vocalist Sachihio Kojima, a previous person in the rock-band Zelda, and Hideo Inoura and Ken’ichi Inoue, both of whom acquired formerly used Sandii AS WELL AS THE Sunsetz. Informed by Donto’s mastery from the Okinawan jamisen (a kind of three-stringed lute), Indonesian Ocean Meals contrasted the noises of neighbouring Asian civilizations with those of Okinawa, where Donto and Kojima today live. An available and interesting collection, in addition, it included types of the individuals’ good-natured humour, including a amazingly built pastiche of Indian film music ratings.

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