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Youth friends Shonali Bhowmik and Michelle Dubois met in age eight once the two were taking violin lessons. A connection was immediately produced, and music was certainly an integral part of it. Bhowmik and Dubois, who are natives of Nashville, distributed a like for Duran Duran and so on, but grabbed onto the rock and roll rawness from the Substitutes and Dinosaur Jr. by their early teenagers. Each kept their lunch cash to by way of a Tascam 4-Monitor Recorder, as well – the life span of Ultrababyfat was created. Bhowmik and Dubois separated for a short time during university, but reconnected through the early nineties in Santa Cruz, CA. Music was still an obsession, therefore the notion of a music group was even more tangible. Both began writing music like mad, but Bhowmik still left California for laws college in Atlanta in 1992. Normally, Dubois tagged close behind as well as the music group became a significant thought. As a tale, they known as themselves Babyfat. Drummer Mauricio Carey and bassist Laurie Garnier became a member of Bhowmik and Dubois to produce a debut record. Babyfat released Dragons DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY on the neighborhood label Sister Ruby Information in 1995 and fun situations were had. Because the nineties found an in depth, Britta Phillips stepped directly into play bass following the 1997 demise of her music group, Belltower, and Shane Sanders loaded the drum section. In 1998, they’d christened themselves Ultrababyfat and released Silver Shades Smile. The record exuded the band’s solid, post-punk/pop sound, and critics had been quick to join the music group. Unfortunately tides changed for Ultrababyfat, for these were with out a label along with a supervisor by another calendar year. Songwriting typically fueled the fireplace and Ultrababyfat spent another 2 yrs perfecting noises for another record. Phillips took a period out from UItrababyfat in springtime 2000 by signing up for Luna because of their UNITED STATES tour after Justin Hazelwood still left the music group. She would ultimately become a long term person in Luna, but continued to be close with her Ultrababyfat bandmates. She could be heard within the foursome’s second recording, Eight Balls BACKWARDS, which made an appearance in fall 2001.

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