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Ulf Langheinrich

Seeing that one-half of Viennese multimedia performance group Granular-Synthesis, Ulf Langheinrich explores the interface of your time, eyesight, technology, and subjectivity, bringing these components into uneasy proximity to be able to foreground relationships of codetermination. A presented artist at globally renowned exhibitions and celebrations such as for example Japan’s Nagoya Biennale and Austria’s Ars Electronica, Granular-Synthesis (which include Langheinrich and co-producer Kurt Hentschlager) had been released to American viewers in 1996 via the brand new York-based Asphodel label’s Recombinant tour, where the group shown its audiovisual work-in-progress, “Movement Control” — an arresting, multi-panel projection of the facial skin of Japanese efficiency designer Akemi Takeya digitally manipulated and reorganized to recommend sort of hyperkinetic stasis. Asphodel sublabel Sombient consequently released a single function by Langheinrich; entitled Examples of Amnesia, the 72-minute Compact disc presents 13 wonderfully assorted digital ambient scenery utilizing, among additional software-based production methods, granular synthesis — a way of digital audio design whereby noises are reduced with their smallest feasible quanta, or “grains,” and structured and manipulated to accomplish otherwise unattainable degrees of sonic depth and fine detail.

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