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U. Srinivas

Born on Feb 28, 1969, in Palakol in Andhra Pradesh, U. Srinivas is generally billed as Mandolin Srinivas. Chitravina Ravikiran takes on the chitravina while some possess vina, violin, clarinet as well as fiddle as phone cards. As well as the Tamil composer Make Srivivasalu obtained his name through functioning as cook on the temple of Sri Minakshi! U. Srinivas’s dad, Satayanarayana Raju, trained him originally and his organic talent shortly blossomed. He produced his first open public appearance at age nine. He demonstrated a surprising rvelation and was hailed as a kid prodigy. Srinivas was the first ever to utilize the mandolin in Indian Karnatic traditional music. He provides recorded thoroughly and his documented result traces a increasing graph of brilliance. His instrument provides little regarding Neapolitan or flatback mandolin versions. His is really a five-string solid body electrical model more comparable to the electrical instrument played with the American mandolinist Tiny Moore than traditional acoustic versions. U. Srinivas provides recorded thoroughly — perhaps as well extensively, specifically in his youthful days.

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