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Ty Sycáci

If Frank Zappa’s Moms of Invention wrote lyrics in Czech and were influenced by punk aswell as East Euro folk, they could sound something similar to Ty Sycáci — a chance-taking, unorthodox alternative rock and roll/avant-rock trio in the Czech Republic. Ty Sycáci’s function is as innovative as it is certainly eccentric; one does not have to speak a phrase of Czech to understand precisely how quirky and off-center the music group is certainly. Ty Sycáci was produced in Brno, Czech Republic, in 2000, when business lead singer/creator Petr Vása employed guitarist Petr Zavadil and bassist Tomás Fröhlich. Unlike almost all rock rings — Czech, American, United kingdom, Australian, Latino, or elsewhere — Ty Sycáci hasn’t used a normal drummer. Its audio is made around vocals, guitar, and electrical bass, however the threesome sometimes uses several percussion musical instruments. When Ty Sycáci was produced, all three of its associates acquired belonged to several Czech rings. Vása have been the first choice of Z-kopce and Osklid, while Zavadil and Fröhlich had been ex-members of the music group known as Pluto. Vása’s participation in the arts is not limited by music; the vocalist can be known for what continues to be known as “physical poetry,” a kind of avant-garde performance artwork. And Vása provides included his “physical poetry” during Ty Sycáci’s concert events; on-stage, he will odd things such as using his hands to create drumming noises on either his upper body or his cheeks. Ty Sycáci is well known for having an extremely dramatic and theatrical live present and actually, the trio is rolling out a play that is referred to as a “punk opera.” The play is definitely entitled SSSS, which is definitely brief for Samota, Sláva, Smrt, Spása and in British, the Czech name means solitude, glory, loss of life, and salvation. Shortly after its development, Ty Sycáci authorized using the Brno-based Indies Information (a little independent label that is documenting the Czech music picture since 1990). Indies released Ty Sycáci’s debut recording Máj v Debnu in 2000. The next year, Indies released the trio’s sophomore recording, Lék a Jed (which in Czech means Medication and Poison).

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