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Twelve Girls Band

It wasn’t the like-minded, classical-meets-pop music group Relationship that gave Wang Xiao-Jing the theory for Twelve Ladies Band, it had been Chinese numerology based on the guy himself. Once the “dad of Chinese rock and roll music” determined he wished to create a woman ensemble, he understood it required 12 users. In ancient Chinese language mythology it is the 12 jinchai (12 hairpins) that represent womanhood. The 12 ladies that Xiao-Jing brought collectively were veterans from the People’s Republic of China’s best orchestras, played historic Chinese instruments, and everything were within their twenties. Because of this fresh project, the ladies were inspired from the art from the Yue Fang, the feminine ensembles that performed within the royal courts from the Tang Dynasty, an interval that spanned the years 618 to 907 A.D. The group debuted their contemporary compositions on historic equipment in China and Japan through the North summer months of 2003. Person to person spread, present after show had been sold-out, and in Japan their debut record topped the graphs for 30 weeks. Their self-titled debut premiered in THE UNITED STATES in August of 2004 with cover variations of Coldplay’s “Clocks” and Enya’s “Just Period” included, and an enormous television marketing campaign announcing the group’s entrance.

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