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When Chris Vrenna still left Trent Reznor’s important commercial/alternative rock powerhouse Nine Inch Nails in 1996, it really wasn’t the finish from the line for the drummer/producer/songwriter — definately not it. Vrenna held busy with a number of musical actions. Furthermore to making or co-producing several performers (including Marilyn Manson, Rasputina, Xzibit, Crimson Mouth watering, Lords of Acidity, and Cool) and offering remixes for U2, Nelly Furtado, and Weezer (amongst others), Vrenna experienced soundtracks. In 2001, for instance, Vrenna made up the dark, eerie instrumental soundtrack of American McGee’s Alice, a gaming that is predicated on Alice in Wonderland. And it had been also in 2001 that Vrenna revealed his Tweaker task. Best referred to as a mixture of alternate pop/rock and roll and electronica, Tweaker was undoubtedly in comparison to Vrenna’s previous music group, Nine Inch Fingernails — as much years as Vrenna spent in Reznor’s make use of (eight, to become exact), individuals were bound to indicate the commonalities between Tweaker and Nine Inch Fingernails. And, to be certain, lots of the adjectives which have been utilized to spell it out Reznor’s music group are also utilized to spell it out Tweaker — adjectives like dark, moody, eerie, and shadowy. Like Nine Inches Fingernails, Tweaker is aggressive yet melodic and incredibly musical; Nine Inches Nails was hardly ever the type of industrial music group that lived in brute force by itself. But Vrenna is certainly his own guy, and Tweaker is certainly definately not a carbon duplicate of Nine Inches Fingernails. While Reznor’s clothing is certainly industrial-oriented, Tweaker’s choice pop/rock and roll/electronica mix isn’t commercial by itself (although Vrenna will incorporate components of both commercial and goth rock and roll). If Nine Inches Fingernails has inevitably influenced Tweaker, thus have a number of various other artists (who range between David Bowie and Roxy Music to Marilyn Manson, Stabbing Westward and Depeche Setting). Even a few of U2’s post-‘80s function has already established a little bit of an impact on Tweaker. Vrenna used many different hats when, in 2001, he documented Tweaker’s The Appeal to All Items Uncertain for the San Francisco-based Six Levels label. Furthermore to producing a lot of the recording, he was among the technicians and did a lot of the composing. It would nearly be safe to spell it out Tweaker like a one-man music group — Vrenna was certainly in the driver’s chair on The Appeal to All Items Uncertain. Nevertheless, he do enlist assistance from several others, including violinist Petra Haden, Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren, and different guitarists. Reflecting Vrenna’s desire for abstract artwork, the album’s name was inspired with a Joe Sorren painting known as “Elliot’s Attraction to all or any Things Uncertain”. Actually, the conceptual materials that Vrenna published or co-wrote for Tweaker’s recording was mindful of Elliot, the bookish, likable nerdy personality in Sorren’s painting. Six Levels released The Appeal to All Items Uncertain in Sept 2001. 2002 was mainly dedicated to additional projects, however in January of 2003, Vrenna authorized a cope with Waxploitation and iMUSIC release a another Tweaker recording. He stepped back to the studio room around once to focus on fresh material, and setup an in-progress web page on his website to maintain fans up to date on the most recent advancements for Tweaker. .

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