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‘Twas Brillig

The complicated discographical history of ‘Twas Brillig is confusing and, in hindsight, unfortunately unnecessary. ‘Twas Brillig had been in fact the Electras, an extremely respectable Minnesota garage area music group that sounded relatively such as a rawer edition of Paul Revere & the Raiders, with affects in the Yardbirds and Zombies aswell. They had currently released four singles, like the Minneapolis strike “Dirty Ol’ Guy,” when it had been chose, for obscure factors (known as “legal factors” by manufacturer Warren Kendrick in the liner records towards the Scotty Tale), that their name would have to be transformed to the infinitely poor ‘Twas Brillig. Three ‘Twas Brillig singles had been released in 1966 on two different brands, which acquired “Dirty Ol’ Guy” using one aspect, followed by three different flipsides. Furthermore, three from the four music on these ‘Twas Brillig singles acquired already been released on prior singles billed the Electras. So that as icing over the cake, the main one period any Electras one was certified to a significant label (the CBS subsidiary Time), it had been not released beneath the Electras name, but beneath the ‘Twas Brillig name. It had been all an unholy clutter, probably offering to mistake whatever followers the band got. The Electras lowered the ‘Twas Brillig deal with and reverted to billing themselves as the Electras on the last two singles in 1967. Nevertheless, confusion stayed propagated when the liner records to a compilation known as Rare Paths, ostensibly made up of rarities by fellow Minnesota ’60s garage area music group the Litter, included several Electras slashes, with liner records declaring that Warren Kendrick “utilized the Litter music artists to record also some obscure singles beneath the name of ‘Twas Brilling [sic].” That’s not therefore. ‘Twas a dark and stormy night time certainly when the band’s name was inappropriately and needlessly changed, not merely impairing their probabilities for achievement, but leading to intense garage area enthusiasts to bang their mind against the wall structure in frustration for a long time racking your brains on who was simply who.

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