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The musical traditions from the Tupi Indians of Brazil as well as the Nago natives of Niger are brought collectively to generate the rhythm-heavy sounds of Tupi Nago. Representing the eyesight of ex-Chet Baker, Cesario Evora, and Nelson Ayres sideman Silvano Michelino, the ten-piece group was presented inside a documentary video, Histories of Groove, filmed by RKK Nova Productions for MCA in 1996. Their debut recording, Abracadabrasil, followed 3 years later.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tupi Nagô
Music Songs Raiz Negra, Mama Okê, Nena, Chant des Combattants, Escrava Anastacia, Inaê, Bagunça, Ialodê, Fruta Pao, Swingue da Cor, Tupi Nagô
Albums Do Brazil

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