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True Endeavor Jug Band

Formed in america in 1963, the real Endeavor Jug Strap was created to fully capture a prevailing pattern in folk music circles. Influenced by the Actually Dozen Jug Band and Jim Kweskin, maker Samuel Charters (acoustic guitar/jug/vocals) brought collectively Danny Kalb (acoustic guitar/banjo), Artie Traum (acoustic guitar/banjo/vocals), Artie Rose (violin), Ann Charters (washboard) and Sita Dimitroff (vocals) for the group’s just release. The Artwork Of The Jug Music group recreated the design of significant 20s take action Clifford Hayes’ Dixieland Jug Blowers with substantial skill, however the Accurate Endeavor Music group was always seen as a short-term affair and its own members quickly separated. Sam Charters became a member of Kalb in the brand new Strangers, and Kalb created the Blues Task. Charters later on became a renowned musicologist while his wife, Ann, published an acclaimed biography of ‘Defeat’ novelist Jack port Kerouac. Artie Traum later on made several superb records together with his brother, Content Traum.

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