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Not to end up being confused with a youthful Swedish music group that produced several crossover thrash produces through the early ’90s, this new millennium group named Tribulation just formed in 2004, and spent another few years tinkering with various extreme designs before buying a speedy make of loss of life metallic, embellished with horror-themed lyrics. Declaring to become affected by ’80s legends such as for example Autopsy and Morbid Angel, vocalist/bassist Johannes Andersson, guitarists Jonathan Hultén and Adam Zaars, and consequently obtained drummer Jakob Johansson tipped their hands with 2006’s Putrid Rebirth EP (released through indie Bloodstream Harvest), after that toured regionally before addressing focus on their eventual full-length debut, The Horror, released in early 2009 through Pulverised Information.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Strange Gateways Beckon, The Motherhood of God, Själaflykt, In the Dreams of the Dead, Strains Of Horror, Holy Libations, Ultra Silvam, Melancholia, Music From The Other, Seduced by the Smell of Rotten Flesh, Crypt of Thanatophilia, When the Sky Is Black With Devils, Curse of Resurrection, Wanderer in the Outer Darkness, Laudanum Dreams, Graveyard Ghouls, Apparitions, One Hundred Years, Beyond the Horror, Through the Velvet Black, Spawn of the Jackal, Pay The Man, Sacrilegious Darkness, Vagina Dentata, Suspiria de profundis, Dread City of Death, Imprisoned in Abhorrence, Into the Jaws of Hell, Churning Sea of Absu, The Vampyre, Spectres
Albums The Formulas of Death, The Children Of The Night, The Horror, Putrid Rebirth, Melancholia - EP
Nominations Grammis Award for Hard Rock/Metal of the Year

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