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Tribe After Tribe


Southern African rockers relocated to LA to record their upset diatribes against injustice such as for example, “Poor Afrika” and “The Mode.” Although they owe some allegiance to metallic, Tribe After Tribe can also put on a hypnotizing, cool vibe.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tribe after Tribe
Music Songs As I Went Out One Morning, Ice Below, Ballad of Winnie, Congo Sky, Build a Subway, Merry Round Ago, White Boys in the Jungle, Understanding the Water, Dance of the Wu Li Masters, Come to See You Fall, Murder on the Lee Shore, Holy City Warrior, Proud & Beautiful, War Sheik, Poor Afrika, Drowning Pieces, World of Promise, Rolling Stoney, Tabla Rosa, Hopeless the Clown, Bury Me, Just for a While, Burning Bush, The Spell, Exodus 2000, Tunguska, I Am Your Heart, Truth & Reconciliation, Loud and Clear, Ballad of Anneline K., Supreme One, Cautious Ground
Albums Enchanted Entrance, Love Under Will, Pearls Before Swine, M.O.A.B., Power, Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2009, Tribe After Tribe, M.O.A.B.: Stories From Deuteronomy

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