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hollAnd is ant assumed name of musician/manufacturer/developer Trevor Kampmann. hollAnd provides crafted synth play the same vein as that released under his prior alias, SeeSaw, aswell as even more experimental music with professional photographer Tag Borthwick. Famed as you of D.C.’s top manufacturers — with creation credits on produces from Teenbeat, March, and several other brands — hollAnd founded his very own record label, PulCec. Kampmann’s initial record beneath the name hollAnd premiered in 1997 on Darla information. Your Orgasm can be natural pop with digital drums and well-woven levels of synth. This initial hollAnd record also introduces the intimate current that operates through a lot of the produces that stick to. A following remix 12″, Matchmaker (Via Remixology) #1 1, premiered jointly by Darla and Sean O’Neil’s Fuzzy Container Information. The 12″ highlighted two songs from your own Climax: “Amateurs & Teenagers” (remixed by Junior Varsity Kilometres) and “Encounter Against Your Thigh” (remixed by Teenbeat Information founder Tag Robinson). hollAnd’s following discharge, Soundtrack for Artificial Voices, made an appearance in 1998 and was his to begin three collaborations with professional photographer Tag Borthwick. This eclectic mixture of experimental music and drone was documented for japan label Abahouse Devinette and premiered in the U.S. on Darla. The sparse graphical design, which can be exemplified upon this recording, has turned into a personal of following hollAnd recordings. The next cooperation with Borthwick, Falling, premiered on Abahouse Devinette in 2000. Time for synth pop, hollAnd after that documented two EPs: Caughing Up Celebrities, released by Audioinformation Phenomena in 1998, and Neoprene Therefore Tight, released by Darla in 2000. Both albums screen the simpleness and bareness of hollAnd’s graphical design, specifically Caughing Up Celebrities, which consists of no info or track list except on the sticker mounted on the shrink cover packaging. Then teamed up with Sean O’Neil (aka Flowchart) to record beneath the name Industrial. Their recording, also titled Industrial, premiered on Darla in 1999 and it is a assortment of synthesized instrumentals. Around once, hollAnd’s tunes and remixes began appearing on numerous compilations and samplers. Remixes of fellow D.C. synth popsters Barcelona made an appearance on their Automatic robot Problems EP and the tiny Darla Includes a Treat FOR YOU PERSONALLY, Vol. 14 sampler. hollAnd experienced original songs on the tiny Darla quantities 16 and 17 and it is featured around the four-CD Darla 100 collection. hollAnd and hollAnd/Borthwick songs show up on the Teenbeat samplers from 2000 and 2001, released by friend Tag Robinson. hollAnd actually added a cover of “Hysteria” (retitled as “the Lebanon”) towards the Human being League tribute recording, Reproductions, released on March Information in 2000. In early 2001, hollAnd released his very own record label, pulCec, along with his record Drums. The fledgling Washington D.C.-structured label has seen two various other releases since that time: the Still’s Nectar (pulCec 002) and Mark Robinson’s Canada’s Green Highways (pulCec 003).

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